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Metlay and I live on Pro Synth Network this morning

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2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific.


Some fun topics, including (but not limited to)  Klaus Schulze, the Analogue Solutions Colossus "Slim" AS200, the Cherry Audio challenge, the newest Roland Juno line...and all that teasing from OBERHEIM!


Come poke fun at us. :poke:




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I turned this on this afternoon while I was doing chores and really enjoyed the exchange of ideas. I sat through the Cherry Audio challenge and even though I was listening through laptop speakers I had the same concerns about levels, envelopes, etc. They may have gotten the sound right but their programming is shite. I agreed with the majority rulings, particularly with the statement that if it's musically valuable to me I'll use it. If it isn't then I didn't blow a month's wages on it. Thanks for a lovely afternoon. 

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9 Moog things, 3 Roland things, 2 Hammond things and a computer with stuff on it



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