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Is Bluetooth a problem in a studio?

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I need to get a printer for my studio and I've seen the option of a Bluetooth connection. This will save on wires (which in my place is a good thing) but I've heard that Bluetooth is sends on some sort of radio frequency. My worry is that it could cause interference in any signals.


Can anyone advise me as to whether bluetooth is problematic in a recording studio?

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I'm interested in seeing the responses to this. I've pondered the same thing. My thoughts are when its in use it might cause a problem, but is probably fine when not turned on. Similar to gettin a cell phone call when your near a computer with powered monitors. Are you talking about the airport? I've been thinking of getting one so I could send my iTunes to my main stereo system via RF.

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Since the power it sends out is so small, it probably wouldn't be a concern.


Why is it called Bluetooth?

Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark in the late 900s. He managed to unite Denmark and part of Norway into a single kingdom then introduced Christianity into Denmark. He left a large monument, the Jelling rune stone, in memory of his parents. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard. Choosing this name for the standard indicates how important companies from the Baltic region (nations including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) are to the communications industry, even if it says little about the way the technology works.

I wish I had a name like Bluetooth....or Forkbeard....or Biggus Dickus.

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I've got a Linksys wireless setup that operates at 2.4GHz sitting next to my DAC-1 that feeds a pair of Event ASP8's.


I've been re-doing my control room - the computer is in there and I put some padding and isolation around it to quiet things down a bit. Now things were quiet but darn it - my left speaker has a very low but discernable intermittant hiss.


Turns out I can cause the hiss by sending a page in Internet Explorer or Outlook email, hehe. Just in the one monitor.


I haven't really troubleshot this yet - in fact the hiss is probably 15dBA SPL or less if I were to check - very faint and of course not a problem when monitoring at 80dB. One speaker (right) has a prolink standard 100 monster cable - the other has a Proel cable made in Italy. The transmitter unit was also sitting right next to the left cable too...ya think ? I just moved it so we'll see... ;)

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