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setting up tour/gigs

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I use the term "tour" loosely, but, what if any information does anyone have about setting up a string of shows within 500-1000 miles or so of homebase. Ive heard many people tell me that we should get on a "circuit", but when i keep pressing them they're far too vague for us to be able to follow thru. Where are these circuits? How does one go about planning these things? We have mostly what i would call singer songwriter material(acoustic mostly), 2 maybe 3 guys(2 guitars maybe bass or drums). Thanks for your help.
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Pick a town you want to play on a tentative date and find the local clubs via the internet, phone books, etc. Contact the booking agent and try to set something up.

When you are in this town, you can explore the other clubs and try to network with anybody and everybody for future gigs.

There are also books on the subject, for example:


my band: Mission 5
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