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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

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Revision of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue":


What you thought was oh, so cool is now real lame;

The violence you shunned is now a video game;

Those faded bells hid in your bottom drawer;

Don't seem to fit as loose as once before;

Those plastic-rimmed bifocals spell your doom;

That it's all over now, BABY BOOM!


Your empty headed Father's sounding like a sage;

At times you swear the two of you are the same age;

The music that the elevator plays;

Are all the songs from your old rebel days;

That cubicle you work in is your tomb;

Ah, it's all over now, BABY BOOM!


The daughter you saw born is pregnant with her third;

The son you once taught art is a computer nerd;

Your Goodyear sandled friends who played the blues;

Are walking high-rised halls in Florsheim shoes;

That young, pretty flower-child bride has lost her bloom;

And it's all over now, BABY BOOM!


That shoulder lenghth, dark wavy hair is fading fast;

And whatever's left of your own teeth, just hope they last;

The mescaline you thought helped make you think;

Has turned into the Metamucil drink;

You're not as hip as you'd like to assume;

'Cause it's all over now, BABY BOOM!


Written by Whitefang to his longest friend on his 50th birthday, three years ago today.



Nce work. :thu: I really like your lyric.


This brings up a subject that is still confusing to me - song parodies / derivatives. From what I understand, this song is really a derivative of Bob's song. As such, Bob (or who ever owns the copyright) controls the creation of and owns the rights to the copyright of derivative works.


Does this mean that, should Bob find this lyric and record it, Whitefang is not legally entitled to any compensation? Does Whitefang have any rights at all to his creation?

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