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New horror movies coming Hooray! and Booo!

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I saw two new trailers today that made me hope and despair simultaneously.


Exorcist-the Beginning. A prequel that shows the discovery of the Byzantine church where the devil fell to earth. Takes place in the late 40s, and it looks like there's going to be some capable acting.


The first one is the only movie that ever scared me really bad.


Forget the second one, which was a complete sellout, trying to diffuse the first one by saying it was actually not Satan but Pazuzu, the god of locusts. :rolleyes:


The third one (with George C Scott), based on the book called Legion, is not as scary, but is an excellent ending. That Brad Dourif is a nutcase!


The other movie trailer I saw was for Constantine. For those of you not into comic books, John Constantine is a character first seen in issues of Swamp Thing (not the stupid Heather Locklear vehicle...the story was written by Alan Moore, and that run of issues was probably the darkest and best written comic series I have ever read). He is a British guy who is part rock star, part wizard, who is deep into the supernatural and is hated my angels and demons alike. His appearance was directly based on Sting.


So who do they get to be this really interesting character? The cardboard butout that is Keanu.


Whoah. This could be a straight to DVD feature, and it, along with the Punisher, could make the comic-movie trend (Spiderman, X-Men, Catwoman, Batman, Road to Perdition, The Hulk, etc) grind to a halt.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Keanu is not a great choice, but moving the whole film from London to LA and making Constantine an American is what is really going to ruin it (sorry, but it is a very British character!)


Don't think it's well known enough to kill off the comic - film run currently going. Catwoman on the other hand could do it :(

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