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OT - Nip/Tuck....damn sexy! ! !

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Ive been checking out Nip/Tuck on FX channel this season, and I can say Ive never seen anything like this!


For those who haven't seen it, it's a show about 2 forty yr old plastic surgeons in Miami, one is a playboy, the other a failing but devoted family man. Intertwined is an incredible sexual undertone. Forget I said undertone, this show has got to be one of the sexiest shows ever put on TV, and that includes anything Ive seen from HBO, or even Nip/Tuck season one!


Last night alone there was everything from a female sex councilor who requested her students gang-bang her.....they did, Of course her boyfriend/babydaddy walks in, they conversate while she's having sex(weird). There were about 4-5 oral scenes, and even a vaginal surgery... Although they don't show much more nudity than nekkid butts, the show's graphic surgery scenes more than make up for it in shock value! Very strange considering the recent strict broadcast climate the FCC has imposed-post Janet Jackson. What nads these producers have!


Anyway, it's a good show, completely over the top drama & sex, and I'm liking the boldness for sure..anyone else watching?

TROLL . . . ish.
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I love that show - its the one of the only two shows I watch (Chappelle's Show is the other). I watched every episode last year, won'r miss any this year if possible. The playboy has been checking everyone's oil.... from the babysitter to some of his patients.... Sex sells - actually filth does.....

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