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At those prices I think I'll just stick with the current stuff for a while - heck, I saw a 8X DVD-/+ R/W burner the other day for around $75... and with blank media under a buck, it just doesn't make sense to me to be an "early adopter" of the new stuff right now. Of course, I might feel differently if I was doing data backups of HUGE files and sessions, but I can normally get at least a couple of songs worth of data onto a single 4.7 GB DVD, and I don't hate swapping disks all THAT much. ;)
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When I started making music I used to put 1 song,... 4 tracks on a cassette tape. PingPonging I called it,...bouncing tracks etcetera. Then I switched to a PC and started using cubase and my hard disc. I burned copy and could easily fit all the material of 20 songs on a blank CD about 650MB.

Now I have a dvd burner and sometimes I use 3 gigs on a dvd to burn audio files of just one song.


Have my songs improved? NO


I started out with a 10 gig harddrive PC and 128mb memory,... I never ran out of memory and drivespace. Now I have 2gigahertz of memory and a 200 gigabyte harddrive and sometimes I ask to much of the processors and my disc is full,.......I just burned 20 dvds to back all my shit up.


When I had the Atari ST with outboard gear I wrote and produced 2 songs a week.


Now I write and produce 1 a month and 2 good ones each year,........Shit I sometimes long for



Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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Even worse than the price is that fact that it takes 1 HOUR to burn a dual layer disc at current speed (2.4x). No reason whatsoever to do it right now.
No matter how good something is, there will always be someone blasting away on a forum somewhere about how much they hate it.
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This reminds of when VHS and Beta decks cost over $1,000 and only came with a wired Play/Pause remote. It rarely makes sense to be an "early adopter." Wait a year and the price will come down plus the initial kinks will be worked out.
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Hi all,


I'd agree that most of us should wait and not be early adopters. I am looking forward to the shake out of the Dual Layer DVD-Rs, as I am a video and DVD producer. When we create DVD-9 discs, the only current way to proof them is to write two separate 4.7 GB DVD-Rs, "simulating" where the layer break should occur. You don't really see the real deal unless you get a check disc from the replication plant. It will be great when dual layer DVD-Rs are affordable, and when they get the coompatibility rate up - right now they are not as reliable as single layer DVD-Rs. For music production, they are just a bigger "bit bucket". It will only mean you can get almost twice the amount of data using the one disc. So if you already have a DVD-R burner, it's not worth the move for now. (Also watch out - the first burners were DVD+R, not DVD-R, so you have to watch out that it's the format you prefer).



Rob Neidig

R & R Creative Productions

Eugene OR


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