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I want to buy microphones ...

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Dear Sirs, I want to record piano and other solo instruments and I want to make "ensemble" record too (strings quartet,etc). I'm very interested in Audio-technica and AKG 3000b. They are very similar microphones and I don't know which one I should choose. Unfortunately, I live in a small town and it's not easy for me to find a good store which accept to give me the microphone for testing. Thanks for answering and excuse me for my bad english ! Stéphane
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for what you are wanting to do, you would probably be better to purchase a pair of nice small diaprhagm condenser mics. the AT4033 and akg c3000 are both okay mics for certain things, but they are both large capsule mics, and do not have the kind of off-axis response needed for good stereo imaging in live ensmeble recording, nor do they have the kind of transient response you need for good recordings of piano and other acoustic instruments. take a look at the neumann km184s, or the AT4041/4051, or the akg c1000 or c391b, depending on your budget.


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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The C3000B is not bad, I like it a lot. If you can stretch your budget I would recommend Shure KSM-32/44. Great microphones, very versatile. A good pair of small diaphragm omnis could be very useful too: Schoeps, DPA, Eathworks. Budget alternative: Audio Technica (shoe-string budget alternative: Behringer ECM-8000) /Mats


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