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EQ Magazine on-line e-subscriptions ???

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OK EQ - I thought of youse guys as I just signed up for another 6-months of SOS on-line magazine...


How about it - are on-line e-subscriptions and stuff coming ? Have you heard about this one Craig ?

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Originally posted by Bunny.:

My current EQ subscription is apparently being sent to the wrong address, or something, 'cuz I ain't gettin' it. I've been buying full-price issues at GC.


So, yeah, an online subscription would be just dandy. :thu:

888-266-5828 - That's the number for subscriptions... call them and confirm your address with them and let them know about the problems Bunny - they should be able to correct things for you.
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Originally posted by Valkyrie Sound:

I'd just be happy with CD rom versions of old issues so I can trash all these old mags. I have no room!


CDs please!



As I'm sure you know Valky, they did that years ago - but I think they were too far ahead of their time when they did it. But I certainly agree - I'd love to have all the back issues on CD-ROM, and it would save me a lot of space.
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