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The Clear Channel Mafia

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Clear Channels Instant Live director Steve Simon has made it very clear that, It is a business, and it's not going to be we have the patent, now everybody can use it for free.
I think I'm gonna be sick :(
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This topic has already been brought up - you can read some other responses and thoughts in the thread I linked to above.


It's not for ALL live venues, just the Clearchannel owned venues, but it is disturbing, seeing as how Clearchannel owns so many venues.


If it WAS for "all live venues", it would never fly, due to copyrights and certain rights retained by the copyright owners - one of which is the right to license public performances and the right to record their own original works - or license others to record the original works. However, if you want to play at a Clearchannel owned venue, they have the right to make you sign a contract, and just about whatever they want to put into that contract can be put into it... and if you sign it, you have n one to blame for it but yourself.


Sooner or later I think there's going to be a musician's revolt aganst CC. Or maybe not - it would be hard to do... you'd probably need a new performance rights society that was willing to go along with th ban and not license anything to CC owned radio stations - and there goes a huge part of the US radio market. :rolleyes:


Besides, like it is with the major labels, no one is going to be able to organize a total boycott - a "strike" if you will - because there's never going to be a shortage of uninformed people who buy into the "dream" - the big lie - you know, where people think something along the lines of "Hey, if we get signed, all of our troubles are over. The label will pay for our recording (Note: YOU will actually pay for it and the money the label gives you is just an advance aganst future royalties...), they'll put us out on tour and give us money for tour support (ditto on payback on that usually), promote our record and once we have a gold record (aganst the odds even for signed bands), we'll all be rich!" (chances are that even if you buck the odds and get a gold record, you still have not recouped all the costs and actually will still OWE the label money).


As long as people remain uninformed and buy into the myths, there's going to be no shortage of people who will agree to just about anything in pursuit of the "dream". Which means the big labels and CC will have no shortage of people they can utilize for their businesses.

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Sorry for the double post Phil, I like your big picture post, its quite a reality slap.


It seems to me that when you rent out a Clear channel venue or your local banquet room,

they shouldnt have any rights to the product or service you sell at their venue, whether it be selling music or selling tacos.


You are paying for the venue/ banquet room, the venue is not paying for the expenses you incur to sell your music or food; therefore, why should they be entitled to your profits?


It makes as much sense as the performer or vendor claiming rights to the profits of the venue or banquet room, when the performer or vendor does not own or has incurred

any expenses for the venue or banquet room.


I think Clear channel has set a dangerous precedent that we can not afford to dismiss

to a "well go somewhere else" attitude.


If Clear channel gets away with this, EVERYONE else will implement the same policy.


And, there will be no place to go.


Under Clear channels logic, soon the giging musician, the caterer and florist at their local wedding banquet rooms will have to pay the venue a share of its profits.


Thats where I see this headed.

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