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When I was reading FnB's post about teeth whitening and sensitive teeth, I remembered an incident I had back when my daughter was still in the diaper stage. I was having trouble with sensitive teeth when eating or drinking anything cold, so I started using a tooth paste to help ease the pain. On morning I climbed sleepily out of bed and began getting ready for work. I started brushing my teeth and man, did that stuff taste terrible. I took a close look at the tube of tooth paste and here I had grabbed the desensyne for diaper rash instead of the tooth paste. The good news is that I did not get diaper rash.



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One of life's had little lessons about stopping to look at what you're doing... :D


On the up side, you can use this against her when she gets older and acts like she knows everything.

You can say: "I changed your diapers, and even brushed my teeth with your butt cream! That's how much I love you!"


That oughta yield a pretty good guilt trip! :thu:

Super 8


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