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Can You Help with Backing Vocal Sound?

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Okies... here's the deal.


I'm currently involved with a cover band. (Ugh... :) )

Although I have extensive harmony theory and arranging experience, I have limited experience with live sound mixing and processing, as far as vocals go.


So... I'm wondering what's involved with duplicating certain backround vocal sounds.

I'm looking at duplicating the things heard from such artists as Def Leppard (sp?), Loverboy, etc.

You know... that "very airy, strong-but-in-the-backround, but still upfront sound) :)


Ya... perhaps dated, but it pays the bills.


So... any input on this subject would be "muchly" appreciated. I remember maybe seeing an article about this in EQ magazine... but that was 12 years ago, ya know? I'm thinking gates, eq, and the like.


Thanx soooo much for any info, in advance. :)

May the gods bless you all...



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where's right.


Anyone here ever see DL live? Could they come close on stage?


In practicality, the main thing to do is to rehearse the singers until they can sound like DL off-mic. Yeah, yeah, yeah, easier said than done.


Send all of the singers mics to an aux. Patch a compressor,chorus, eq, and reverb to dedicate to that channel. Squash them, swirl them, box them, and put them in a big room. Blend that with their un-processed mics to taste.

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Originally posted by where02190:

the Def leepard sound was achieved (by Producer Mutt Lange) by tracking the same vocal parts about a hundred times and comping the crap out of them.

Yeah, which is why it cost DL a bazillion dollars to record. But yes, that's how you do it. And make sure that they're really tight.
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