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OT: Got sick (not covid). Had to bail on gigs. Sad.

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Just needed to vent, everyone. I've spent the better part of the last two weeks fighting a nasty stomach bug -- fever, headache, diarrhea every few hours, not a lot of sleep. I am finally on the upswing and feeling much, much better, but I have never been this sick for this long, and that was terrifying in the midst of a pandemic. I got tested for Covid after the symptoms first appeared, and the test came back negative before things got really bad last weekend, and then I was tested for covid AGAIN when I went to the ER on Friday because my fever spiked up to 103.9. Also negative. I'm good on covid tests for awhile, I think; gonna try to not need one anytime soon. My stay in the ER at least confirmed my doctor's suspicion that it's just a nasty virus, and not anything more sinister or scary, because I was really starting to panic. A friend and colleague of mine went to the ER a couple of years ago because he had pain in his side that wouldn't go away. He was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and didn't live a year. I didn't really think that was going to happen to me, but it was starting to cross my mind.


So that said, if I may gripe about totally non-life-threatening things, the worst thing about the experience isn't even that all I've been able to eat is dry toast, bananas, rice, and applesauce and all I've been able to drink has been water, Gatorade, and Pedialite all week (you may have gathered from my signature that I enjoy a good meal above most things). No, the worst thing is that I had to bail on gigs, something I don't like to do under normal circumstances, but was truly heartbreaking given that they were the second and third gigs I've had lined up in the last five months total. One was a cover band gig that wasn't too tough to bear, but the other was a last-minute opportunity for a pro-filmed, pro-recorded show on a bill with a friend's band from out of town in the beautiful local theater with my main original band, Noon Fifteen, which would have gotten together to play for the first time since March. I was really excited about it, but we would have been filming tomorrow, and I knew by yesterday that even though I'm feeling more like myself, rehearsing, then packing up my gear, loading in, and playing a set just isn't in the cards for me yet.


It's a small thing, I know. There will be more chances to play in the future, and my health is more important, long term. But it really grinds my gears that in this ocean of no live performance, after a fun, exciting opportunity dropped right in my lap and I did all the logistic work to make it happen, I had to bail because I spent the whole week pooping. But I'm grateful that I'm getting better. I guess I'll take my licks and get back on the horse. Feel free to respond with additional platitudes. :wink:

Samuel B. Lupowitz

Musician. Songwriter. Food Enthusiast. Bad Pun Aficionado.

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If there"s one take away from what we"re dealing with, it"s respect (and distaste) for the viruses in our world. Despite all of our technological prowess, they remain, adapt and continuously confound our immune systems. Fever, everything going out and not being able to keep down what"s coming in is never fun or without risk. Glad to hear your body was victorious. At times I"ve contemplated keeping an IV stand, whatever they stick in that hydration back and needle in the house. It would save us an ER visit.

Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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Damn, Sam. Sorry to hear about lost jams in this pandemic-created artistic dam. I'm sure you'll soon deliver us a fresh dose of Noon Fifteen spam and allow us all to perform our favourite physically-distanced dance, the slam. And hey, maybe this virus allowed you to shed (or shit) any and all clams!
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Get well, Sir Samuel!!!


Last night we played what will probably be our "August gig".

3rd time there, a yard party with selected friends invited.

40 minute drive but always a fun party.


They kept the guest list small this year and there was plenty of space.

Dinner is served and it is really good stuff always, but... this year I took a sandwich and ate in the car. Caution, it's paid off so far.


The stage was a huge front porch with easy access. We maintained distance as a band also.

If we get a gig in Sept, that will make a 3 gig summer.

I don't expect much to happen this winter.

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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