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Modal Argon Synths

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Found this recent demo on YouTube late last night...the Argon8. Usually I don"t hear newer synth demos that actually make me think, 'Wow, that sounds really good. If I had extra money...'. Not that kind of person. But wow, I like how this sounds. Digital, yes, but nice! It didn"t look like we had a thread on the Argon models here, though they"ve been brought up in a few threads here and there. This thing sounds fantastic!



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I also saw this demo. Interestingly enough, I actually had my hands on one this past Saturday but it hadn't yet been opened by the person who was to review it and there was too much else going on so I wasn't able to hear it. (Got to play the Hydrasynth, though)

There is a brick and mortar store in NYC that is taking preorders for a 61 key version, were I in the market for a synth (I'm not) I would wait for that one. Anyone looking for a wavetable synth this looks to be pretty good at a decent price.

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