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Multi-voltage, multi out PSU for studio

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Hi everyone. Not posted for ages but still pop by now and again! Hope everyone is making the most of this awful time for us.


Just moved house and had space for a custom made studio desk, so I had one made.

Still a work in progress - waiting for some rack hardware to mount everything properly.


Want to keep it neat, so looking for a power supply (240V AC > DC) to get rid of a load of wall warts.


At the moment I need:


2x 5V for a couple of USB hubs

1x 9V for the Korg keyboard

4x 12V for the MIDI and small Audio interfaces, and a couple of old spinning drives


Greatest current requirement is 2A and I guess an extra out for any added bits n bobs wouldn't go amiss.


The lamps, X32, and sound module etc are doing great with some 5-way Wago connectors. They're great.â¨

Obviously, cheaper the better as I've just moved and haven't really had a gig since March. Don't mind adapting something to work, maybe get some modules from amazon and box them up? eBay isn't great here.


Be grateful to hear any thoughts! Cheers, and greetings from the UAE.






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I might be interested in something similar. When I was doing some fairly cursory searching, one relatively fruitful avenue of research was the guitar pedalboard PSU sector, but they are kind of the wrong way round for you: they'll have lots of 9v, one 12v and maybe a 5v USB as well.


Computer PSUs deliver 12v and 5v simultaneously. Do a search on Molex - one of these may be of interest: https://www.quietpc.com/qpc-ac-power-yh-3018 Depending on your current requirements you might be able to run several devices from one PSU. I've also seen "step-up" transformer devices that will output 9v from a USB source, but I don't know whether there's enough current to drive your synth there.


You could get a powerbank with USB and 12v output, but the built-in battery might be overkill for your requirements, for example: https://www.xtpower.de/XTPower-Powerbank-MP-10000-compact-DC-USB-battery-LiPo-with-10000mAh


EDIT: just found this as well, 4x12v, 5A total: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/scan-cctv-power-supply-adapter-12v-5a-output-4x-12v-dc-connector-splitter


Good luck in your search.


Cheers, Mike.

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The closest that has been made is the Juice Goode 12PAQ, but it's been out of production. It supplies 9VDC 12VDC but only at 250mA, and 9VAC at 1A. It requires cables wired for the desired voltage which will be hard to find (make my own). I have a pair of 12PAqs and have not seen anything similar yet.
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Thanks, guys.


Never thought of checking CCTV power supplies. Something like that could do my 12V stuff. Good avenue, Mike.

The iConnectivity interfaces' original adapters need 2A each @12V, but I'm guessing a lot of that is used to charge an iPad, if connected.

Don't think the hard drives need anywhere near that.


The 9V guitar pedalboard supplies are all quite low current-wise. The Minilogue needs 1.7A @9V.


Anyway, some more stuff to research. Thanks again.

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