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HELP! If you care to advise me on a money situation...

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...click on this web page . I describe the problem there. I am selling an asset and I need to make sure I get paid. There are other parties involved and I don't want to post it on here. But if you have a minute, just read the page and reply on this forum or send me a p.m. if you have anything to add. And if you do, I need to make a decision tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks very much.

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Oh, I can so feel you, brother. The figure you mentioned ain't a lot of money to most people, but it's a hell of a lot when you don't have anything. It would be a lot to me.


This guy is dictating which website you can use to get paid? He doesn't want you to use a regular, reputable website--he wants you to use a website that HE OWNS???




Don't do it. That's ridiculous!! Don't let this scuzzbag take advantage of you.


You need to talk to a lawyer before you proceed any further with this.


Please keep us posted, okay? :)

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I did a Whois search on www.bigbuzz.com - here's the results:





Late Nite Productions



10 Lillian Ln

Plainview, NY 11803



First Registered:

August 06, 1997


Last Updated:

June 14, 2004


Administrative Contact:

Kelly, Kevin (KK5294) kevin@BIGBUZZ.COM


PLAINVIEW, NY 11803-5613


516-433-7931 fax: 123 123 1234


Technical Contact:

Saturn5 Net Services, Inc. (MH698-ORG) webmaster@SATURN5.NET


DEER PARK, NY 11729-3222


516.253.3600 fax: 516.253.3601




Been around since at least 1997. Looks and sounds legit. I would prefer using someone I knew, but that's just me. The guy probably feels the same way about it, and that's why he's suggesting this company. In any event, if he's not willing to use Sedo or Escrow.com, I'd probably feel okay with these guys - IF you get it all down in writing first.


It will probably be just fine, but you can never be too careful, and you're absolutely correct in doing the checking before jumping in.

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