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Sequencer glitch help

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While trying to use the sequencer in my Kurzweil PC3 for the first time, there's something I can't understand. After recording an 8-note sequence and looping it, there are a few milliseconds of delay after the 8th note and the first note; in other words, each of the eight 8th notes play at tempo, then there is a hesitation before the next beat. I can't use that! Is there something about sequencing in general that I don't understand? I have also tried doubling the length of the sequence, but that hesitation is still there after note sixteen. Thanks for any suggestions.
Kurzweil PC3-76
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Did you quantize to 1/8 or 1/16? Reason why I ask is because a note is off at the beginning or end it will sound like a gap because it's looping a measure per the clock but if the notes aren't quantized it will sound like there is a gap at the loop point. What's the sequencer resolution? If 480ppqn then if there is an event edit mode make sure the notes are all on 0 and 240 ticks.



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