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Differences: Speaker setup with stereo mixer

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What is the difference between these two speaker setups? Is one preferable for stereo vs mono vs stereo+mono?


Setup #1

- connect each XLR out to individual speakers


Setup #2

- connect both XLR outs to one speaker

- run XLR out from speaker to the 2nd speaker



QSC K8.2 speakers + Yamaha MG06X 6-channel stereo mixer

- (2) XLR inputs, can be 2x mono or 1x stereo pair

- (4) 1/4 inputs are (2) stereo pairs, each pair on it's own channel

- all outputs are stereo


** tech sheet for mixer


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What is the sound source? Is it 2 mics? 2 very different types of sound sources? 1 keyboard? What problem are you wanting to solve? I use Setup #1 when I run my keyboard in stereo to my 2 QSC's and my sax mic into 1 QSC. When I've used a mixer, I still use Setup #1 and the keyboard and sax go to both speakers. I don't know under what circumstances I would use Setup #2. Perhaps you have a more complicated problem to solve.
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What is the sound source?

Combinations of:

- Stage piano (stereo)

- Backing tracks + VSTs (stereo)

- 2 mics for vocals/instrumentalists (mono)


I guess the question is, does it matter if I run mono sources through a stereo setup? And if I have to mix mono+stereo sources, should I setup the speakers as mono or stereo?

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Hmmmmm..... don't know the answers to your mono/stereo compatibility questions.


However, I do know the Yamaha DXR range of speakers allows you to take a STEREO in from your keyboard for example (two stereo ins actually), and then run a cable directly from that speaker to a 2d speaker. You can chose from the first speaker whether or not the second speaker is in stereo or mono in relation to the first speaker.


With a speaker like that, you could find out for yourself if it made any difference.



Yamaha DXR speaker

Kawai ES110 & ES920 /// Casio CT-X5000

Yamaha Melodica and Alto Recorder

QSC K8.2 // JBL Eon One Compact // Klipsch KMC 3 // Win10 laptop i7 8GB // iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB

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It depends on whether you want stereo separation, or not. I'm not going to touch that one as it's been endlessly debated here. Personally, I prefer stereo, but that's just me.


It doesn't matter if you run mono through a stereo setup. Unless you pan to a side, the sound will be equal on both the L and R. I use my MG06 and K8.2s in a similar setup on a regular basis.


The counter example you will hear is that "mono is better" (there's a larger sweet spot, you avoid potential phasing issues, etc.), in which case you'd use the dual-mono approach.

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