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keyboards and EMF


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This one goes in the "everything kills you" category! I have a small EMF meter and we like to keep an eye on levels in the home. At least one study CLONK recommends that a level of 1 mG (milliGauss) maximum is tolerable long-term. Our home in the city seems to hover around 1.5 mG. Getting close to select appliances raises levels.


Oh. Yeah. Keyboards. There's almost no level increase when I power on my Yamaha P-125, but my Nord Lead A1 spikes to almost 100 mG from the playing position! The Nord also has a notoriously noisy power supply.


Anybody looked into their situation before? Concerns? Nonsense?

Nord Lead A1; Yamaha P-125; QSC K10; Cubase 12 Pro; Windows 10

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Skeptical nuclear physicist is skeptical.

Dr. Mike Metlay (PhD in nuclear physics, golly gosh) :D

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