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moving sucks !!!

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dang i am beyond tired!


500+ man hours, 5 1/2 26' Uhaul truck loads, 8 pick-up truck loads.


no day off in the last 12 days, 12+ hour days.


framing walls, running electric, networking, phone systems and uggh drywalling... screw the painting.. next month maybe.


plus endless hunny do's.


7 days no internet or SSS, 5 days no TV


thank God i am never moving again.


on the bright side i am now in the country.. oh yeah had to mow 2.5 acres of grass while being attacked by cicada's.


has anyone seen the "money pit"?

i am starting to feel like that movie.

first nite in the new home go to take a shower in the only shower and the drain falls out from the bottom of the tub. no shower for 2 days.. had to take a bath in the upstairs tub. LOL.


found a second leak in the basement walls, quick change of plans opps cant use the entire basement now for anything other than laundry.. and the list goes on.


the bottom 1/2 of that huge 40 x 60 barn is slam full of stuff we have no idea where to put..


how in the world can 2 people have this much crap.

(and 2 business)


oh did i mention i am happy as a pig in poop.


this place is awesome despite it all.

sitting on the front porch at nite or in the morning is great nothing but crickets.. and the stars.. very cool.




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