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So I wake up ready to check my email and forums and I see something move along the side of my CD-rack on my desk - a black spider.


This looked to be just like the same type of black spider I've seen a few times around the same area of the house - they had a hint of vague gold on them, I believe. So I grab a napkin, and it moves into the CD-Rack in the back.. I still see it, I spray twice with hairspray. It could only fall back I assume. I check everywhere in the column - not found! AHHHH!


Hate these things X(

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How d'ya like my pet spider Phait? It's a wolf spider that I caught in Thumrait in the Sultanate of Oman when I used to work there (1979-82). These things leap at their prey - they can get as far/high as about 4 feet!




We had camel spiders too (I never managed to catch one). Big furry buggers that get you while you're sleeping - they inject a local anaesthetic into their prey and then munch away with the camel being oblivious to the attack! Local folklore had it that one guy woke up on the beach to find his bottom lip missing - probably an urban legend, but it still stopped me from falling asleep while sunbathing! :freak:



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