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TASCAM preamp quality question

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I've owned a 3500 since they first came out...'bout 1990 I think.


It's still my main mixing tool...even though I have a pretty decent DAW rig...I still like to bring 24 channels out of the DAW and mix through the 3500 and use outboard gear instead of plugins.


I have 10 channels of outboard pres...nothing ultra-high end...but my one 4 channel box is fairly Hi-Q...its a CLM Dynamics DB400 (solid state).


I also have two, 2-channel LA Audio pres (solid state)...


..and I have the original ART MPA 2-channel "tube" pre.


For a long time I only had the pres in the 3500...and I never found them to be bad or unuseable.

I would most certainly go with them over the Mackie pres...and I've heard that same opinion from other folks too.


Of all the pres I now have...the CLM box is a cut above...a tad more "open" and almost "colorless".

When I only need 1 or two pres at one time...I will use the CLM...or if I want some color...I'll try out the ART MPA which has a distinct sound.

But I would not hesitate to use the pres on the 3500 as needed. I would worry more about mic choice than which of my pres to go with.


The 3500 EQ section is also quite useable...not extremely dramatic...and not harsh either.

I've used the 3500 EQ without hesitation on any channel that need some stroking...but I would not expect too much from the EQ if you are looking to salvage a really bad track...or to attempt very surgical, parametric style of equalization.


Overall...I love my 3500...and as long as it keeps on working (fingers crossed) without any problems like it has for about 14 years now...

...it will remain my mixing tool until I can afford something that is a quite few classes above it.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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