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Boosh... NUDE CYCLING???

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Boosh, you're in Amsterdam, right? :)


Here's a story about a nude cycling tour June 12th...


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) -- A planned nudist bicycle tour in the Netherlands' so-called "Bible Belt" has upset local church officials who are holding their own youth charity bike ride the same day.




HERE is the link to the rest of the story...


So Boosh, which group are YOU riding with? ;)


Is There Gas In The Car? :cool:

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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Originally posted by Anomaly:

Biking is a pain in the ass to begin with. I can't even imagine...

Oh, I'm doing a lot of imagining.... :love::D


Of course, it doesn't help that I went out for a walk and saw the divorced mother of three that lives down the street out washing her car in a bikini. This chick has a body that looks like her teenaged daughter's! Damn! So I guess my hormones are on 'High Alert' status.....even nude cycling turns me on right now. :thu:

Super 8


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