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Radio Mics for Trumpets

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I am a guitarist in a ska band (so that has probably just turned most people against me... but I'm also in a Zeppelin/Pixies-esque band as well, so don't judge). Basically, the trumpet player in my ska band needs/would like a radio mic for his trumpet for our gigs, but we don't know what type. Please could anyone help. Cheers



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Welcome aboard, Circus. Hey, I LIKE Ska!


I just got a Samson Airline Wireless mic for my tenor sax, used it last weekend. It worked great and sounded great. Not a lot of experience with it yet but the club we played is notorious for messing with wireless systems (it's an early 1900's hotel with pressed metal ceiling tiles) and it worked just fine.


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the dynamic range of trumpet makes it difficult to do RF, however I'[ve had good luck with a Shure SM98 on their UHF systems. It is ultra important that the mic input sensitivity to the trnasmitter be properly set so that the input to the transmitter is not overloaded, otherwise, the high spl of a full on blast of trumpet will simply distort the crap out of the transmitters front end.

Hope this is helpful.


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