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Because we love gear!

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For many of us, an almost freakish attraction to gear is one of the main things that drew us into music and audio. :love::boing:


Hardware, software, acoustic and electronic instruments, analog and digital recording and signal processing - you name it, chances are excellent that a bunch of us are interested in knowing more about it; and, if the stars align correctly (and the price is right), maybe even adding said gear to our own collections. Discovering, researching, and sharing past and present experiences with gear has always been one of the primary things that brings people to MPN...and keeps them here.


To that end, MPN is awfully lucky to have some of the most well respected and heavily experienced gear geeks in our industry as members, several of whom are keen to share their fondness for torturing musical instruments and audio tools with us. A large part of their motivation is that as the site is basically employee-owned, these folks are free to say whatever they want. :cool:


It's important to understand that - unlike conventional gear reviews - these community-based explorations aren't just someone pontificating, but are specifically set up in a forum format so that community members can ask questions, add comments, offer suggestions, and even have a platform for opposing viewpoints -- whatever is on your mind that relates to the gear we're checking out. What's more, we invite personnel from the company making the gear to participate, and contribute their expertise (we do ask that they identify their company affiliation). Our goal is to open a dialog among users, MPN Advisory Board members, and manufacturers that should (hopefully) benefit us all.


As with most things here at MPN, the GearLab forum will be a work in progress - a living, breathing entity that grows and changes with the interests and participation of the community. The level of information and shared experiences with gear collected at MPN over two decades is already formidable - these should continue to add to that.


We will feature deep gear dives driven by MPN staff members (In The Lab) as well as end user reviews by MPN Advisory Board members and other forumites who actually own the products they'll be telling us about.


Thanks in advance for your input and participation! :wave:



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