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MIDI CC / Drawbar Mapping Question

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Hypothetical Question....


A lot of midi controllers only have 8 or fewer faders. When using these controllers with any of the software B3 emulators what would your preference be for mapping the sliders to the drawbars?


Map multiple drawbars to a single fader, if so what groupings? Split the faders between upper and lower drawbars, again probably grouping multiple draws to a single control? Skip a particular drawbar(s)? Use a non-fader control for one or more of the missing drawbars?


Just curious.


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some of the eight fader controllers also have knobs. So then l'd use a knob for the 9th drawbar tone. Not the same but better than nothing.

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I dont have the luxury of sitting down or using both hands so I use a single CC# to automate drawbars on B5, Blue3, or my HX-3 hardware module.

So I have a 16 x Drawbar controller for both or a single manual.


Just stomp down and pull back on an expression pedal, don't have to ride it, just stomp it and the device does the rest.

Each drawbar has curve modifiers, lag processors, throw as in starting point and destinations, reverse, etc.


128 presets of various combinations but I use a dozen.


But you could buy a Source Audio Reflex Pedal, it too has 128 presets, curve modifiers, lag, etc.

Or a Bome Box with MIDI Translator pro software package, store and recall protects for various shows.


These are fantastic for synths too.

I can use a single CC# on the expression pedal, stomp on it and listen to the filter sweep, as the decay of the envelope decrease and resonance climbs.

It takes 3 hands to do that but I use a foot. Cant be missing my horn parts plus I stand when I perform.










Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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