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Rotary Mod for iOS from Eventide

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Just like the original sound derived from the uber-famous Hammond organ"s Leslie speaker cabinet, musicians and sound designers alike are able to achieve the coveted rotating tremolo cabinet effect heard on numerous recordings with Eventide"s Rotary Mod for iOS. This iconic emulation brings that classic "60s whirling modulation bliss into the 21st century and the palm of your hand.


Rotary Mod produces a pulse-like vibrato effect depending on the speed of rotation. Rotary Mod makes available precise control to dial in the exact amount of movement needed to create pulsating, lush effects used to 'liquify" instrument sounds and create dramatic musical gestures. The classic, swirly effect of Rotary Mod for iOS can be utilized to drastically transform guitars, bass, synths, strings, vocals, and more.




Ability to change the speed of the ROTOR and HORN independently, and adjust the mix of the two to produce pulsing effects and special vibratos.

Option to add frequency modulation to the ROTOR and HORN speed using secondary LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) with selectable modulation SOURCE.

Ability to choose cabinet size â STD (standard) or GIANT â to alter the sweetness of the tone.

Included HICUT control for precise sound design.

TAP TEMPO feature to SYNC effect to the BPM (beats per minute) of the song.

Incredibly easy to use with included Factory Presets.

Innovative 'Ribbon" control allows for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously.

MIX lock control to scroll through the Factory Presets while keeping the wet-dry MIX constant.

Compatible as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and Standalone app for iPhone and iPad.



Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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When I first saw this announced I was quite excited. However, having watched a couple of online reviews, I find myself distinctly underwhelmed. The only Eventide app I bought was the Blackhole, I think the other three are meh.


I can"t really understand this, as I have a fully loaded H9, and it is an amazing pedal, but somehow the sounds don"t really seem to translate well to iOS.


Anyone agree? Or have I just got jaded in my old age?

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When I initially watched the video above, I thought it was a little strange that a promo for a Leslie speaker plug-in would not provide any Hammond demos. However, after reading the explanation blurb, I get the impression that this is intended more for applying to other instruments/sound sources, and not organ, unfortunately.


So I guess Galileo is still the best Leslie sim for iOS, yes?





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