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Lightest Keyboard Stand for a NE5HP

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I am currently using a nice K&M 18953 keyboard table as Keyboard Stand.

I live in Paris, and i go to gigs in metro or walking (no car). I have a roadie (my wife) that bring the stand while i have the piano on my shoulder.

The problem is, the K&M is heavy as hell (8Kg), almost as much as the NE5HP, so i am looking around for a stand that is lighter and easy to transport.


I am considering the Nord Keyboard Stand (5Kg), probably the easy to transport (legs can go on a small bag, or in emergency in the keyboard bag), or a K&M 18880 (3.1Kg), but with a form factor more difficult to handle, expecially if i am alone.


Other suggestion ? Does anybody does an inflatable keyboard stand :cool: ?



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Hi Maurizio - I have both of the stands you are considering for your NE5-HP and use them with my NS3-88. Here are my thoughts:


Nord Stand Positives - Compact. Sturdy. Looks great. All the room you'd want for pedals. Leave the brackets attached so you just need to attach the legs and stabilizer bars.


Nord Stand Negatives - Weight and setup. No height adjustment. May need a separate bag for the legs and star bolts (8 pieces total). I use the Nord roller bag for my NS3 so the legs can fit in the compartment along with the music stand. Must be precise in lining up the legs to the base when screwing them in. Must use force when attaching the stabilizer bars to create the necessary tension for stability. I never found a way to set up without having to kneel on the ground. If you play gigs where you're dressed nicely, you may want a different option. No option for extra tiers.


K&M 18880 Positives - 10-second setup. A slight twist (don't really notice while playing), but no bounce. Impossibly light. I think that a significant portion of the 3.1Kg weight is the stabilizer bar, which isn't needed. I can carry the stand with a single finger. Can add extra tiers.


K&M 18880 Negatives - Does not collapse as compactly as the column stands. Need tools to adjust height, so you are best setting height at home and not changing it, especially not at the gig. Depending upon the width at which you set it up (I set mine up 18"/46cm wide) you may need to arrange your pedals around the feet. Plastic caps over the height-adjustment bolts are prone to falling off.


As long as you have a hand free to carry a separate stand, it might be better to start with the 18880. If you carry the NE5-HP on your shoulder, the extra 5Kg of the Nord stand may be a deal-breaker. Also, if you decide you don't like the Nord stand, it will be more difficult to sell, whereas the 18880 should be much easier to sell.



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Standtastic single Tier positives.



Sets up instantly

Comes in a gig bag that looks like a gun to deter low lifes thinking of robbing you


Holds the heaviest boards like Oberheim MC3000 Physis K4 with no bounce.

Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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I use my 18880 - admittedly I drive to location, but since downsizing vehicle, I want to carry stuff in with one trip - so I have IK iKeys Pro in bag with iPad and all cabling in one hand, QSC K10 with other hand, and the stand kind of over the shoulder. If I had to carry the stand further, I'd probably rig something to kind of backpack it.

Not ideal, but can't beat it for the weight (lack of)

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