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Is this something I can buy or have someone make?

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If you happen to know how I can replace some of these brass pegs (which are holding up the rope, which in turn, holds the brass keys up!) for this Javanese gamelan instrument (gender), please contact me and let me know. I am in the Los Angeles area.


Is it something that I can have made for me at a machine shop? If so, where?


Is there something else that looks somewhat like it that I can purchase somewhere?


I probably need about ten of these.



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What about a run-of-the mill eye-bolt?


If it only holds up the rope, it shouldn't matter what material it's made out of & they have eye-bolts of varying sizes at Home Depot and the like.


But if you really want brass, or maybe stainless steel, try a marine supply store. A place that has lines, winches, sails, & so forth for sailboats. There used to be a good one in Marina Del Rey right down by the marina in the shopping center next to the twin towers.




I suppose if you're trying to restore the instrument exactly, this kind of thing wouldn't work. But if you just want to get it working it may well do. You might also consider having them made out of hardwood. A cabinet or furniture making shop with a wood lathe and a drill press could make a bunch pretty quickly I would think.

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