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MOTU M5, HALion, G3 ??

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For years I used SampleCell on a Mac, and now I'm running Nuendo2 on a PC and wondering what to do with my extensive sample library. I've ported it over to the PC but haven't decided on what sampler platform to run.


Criteria/ideals: low latency, reasonable cpu hit, import of SampleCell instruments & Banks.


I'm very intrigued by the new pc version of MachFive, but have also heard good things about Halion, and Giga3 looks like it could be pretty powerful.


I'll be running a lot of orchestral samples, as well as a lot of drums and perc. Kontakt looks cool as a means of warping audio and creating an original sound, but I've also read that it can be a overly complex and a bit buggy. SampleCell was great for its sheer simplicity and workflow ease, and I guess that's what I'm looking for in the new Sampler.

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I love Kontakt and that's my main sampler but since you are in Steinberg land already and are looking for simplicity and ease of use go with Halion. It's rock solid and has the best native giga import around.
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