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Repairing a main output on a Mackie mixer

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I understand Mackies are NOT FUN to work on, but maybe one of you can offer me some guidence on this issue...


One of the main XLR outs on a 32 ch 8bus seems to be bad, or loose or something.


The sound is sometimes there and sometimes not. Interestingly, if the jack is working you can see the LED VU meter lighting up....if not, then the LEDs don't light up. I don't know if that means the problem might be further upstream from the output jack itself or not.


Anyway, we are considering performing the surgery ourselves, since nobody in this area is certified to work on Mackie gear. If we take it into Chicago, the turn around might be too long, and this thing gets used weekly....


What do you think? Should we open it up and look for a broken solder, or is this task something for the experts to handle?

Super 8


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does the signal cut in and out when you wiggle the XLR ? If so, then most likely it's the XLR's PC board connection, and a simple fix. If not, try flexing the board ever so slightly, and again if ti comes and goes, you've got a bad connection. May be easy to fine, or it may take hours.....but a repair tech will basically do the same thing, except they'll charge you for all those hours.

Hope this is helpful.


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Just a thought... before you tear it appart, make sure you have nothing plugged into the "main insert" jacks. Then, try taking a ¼" plug and plug it in and out of those insert jacks a few times. Sometimes those make/break connections on the ¼" jacks get some crap in them. I bought a second 8 buss that was sold for the problem you're describing. After cleaning the insert jacks, the problem was fixed and got a second 32x8 real cheap!


You could also have something else kaput. I'll look at schematics and see if the VUs are up or downstream from your problem and try to report back.


Good luck!



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