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Hammond SK1 won't boot


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Does it play? Could be just the display.

If not, it sounds like firmware failed.

You can see if it will update from USB thumb drive:



But Id contact them and bring it to a certified repair shop.



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So I'm unable to initialize my USB drive to place firmware/OS files on it to attempt an update. I see from this URL that five subdirectories are created:




Does the SK1 'format' the USB drive with a standard filesystem (ie DOS)? I'll need to do it outside of the SK1...



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The SK1 is rather selective in just what USB drives will work with it. I've had success with 2GB and 4GB drives from SanDisk (as long as they don't have SanDisk's software that creates two partitions on the drive), but large drives don't work well. Not sure just how large will work.

The file system seems standard, and files can be copied to it with a PC, but it works best when the format is done on the Hammond.


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You'll lose presets so if you don't regularly backup you'll be starting over, but you can try a factory reset, hold record down while powering up.


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