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What Is A Real Magician?

Dave Bryce

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David Blaine is. My family and I watched a very long vid of his on youtube ("fooling celebs" or some such) and I don't see how he does some of that stuff.


He stuck (or appeared to stick) an ice pick through his hand in front of a doctor, who then x-rayed it...and the doctor couldn't figure it out either...just one thing after another, amazing stuff. Even little things like having someone think of a card, then somehow the sharpie used to write the name of it changes from "Sharpie" to the name of the card the person just picked...


(and if you know how all this is done, don't tell me :D)

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I maintain it's any magician who requires electricity to entertain the audience. :idea:


Well, if they're not using any form of electricity, they're dead... The Dead thoroughly entertaining live audiences has been known to happen but I'm pretty sure it involves more chemistry than magic...


Isn't the first rule of being a real magician "Never tell anyone what it takes to be a real magician?"




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Im disappointed in you guys.







A guy who just does some tricks:





"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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