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IEM Dilemma: Who Get's Stereo?


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Greetings all,


If you have a mixer that can only send 3 stereo mixes and 4 mono, yet you have 5 sets of ears to feed, who should get the stereo mix from a "needs" perspective? I know everyone would want it, but if hard decisions needed to be made...?


Additional info: I play (keys) mono currently. I'm providing the Rig so part of me says I deserve the nicer mix, but want to be smart about it. Drummer has been on stereo for years and demands same. We all sing with 1 main lead singer, he plays rhythm gtr also. Bass is second lead. Lead guitar, drums and I do a few songs and backups. If any of that matters in your analysis.


So kinda thinking: me and drummer get stereo, one more get's stereo: Bass, Lead Gtr or Lead Vox.


We've all been using Mono until now (sharing a transmitter and panning) so we'll all have an improved experience. [Ask me about how these damn units bleed across the L-R on a stereo transmitter]



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Edit: I can't read, apparently. Had a nice long response that made zero sense when I re-read the question and realized you have one less stereo mix than I thought.


You and drums stereo for sure. I'd lean towards giving lead guitar the other one so he/she can have a better feel for when to play leads and fills, but could be persuaded otherwise.


I think the lead singer can definitely do mono.

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