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Uh oh - Eurorack junkie in the making (Behringer Neutron)


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Just picked up a Behringer Neutron. Playing with the endless combinations of routing with the robust patch bay has already got me dreaming of adding modules. This is eerily reminiscent of a similar affliction - "Plug-In Itis", which is characterized by the relentless feeling that you are just one purchase away from having everything you'd ever need.


Incredibly my patch bay muscle memory was retained from my studio engineering days. Walk in the part.


Already dreaming of a Model D though. My Neutron really deserves a step brother.

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I think the Grandmother would make more sense if you're looking to take advantage of all those eternal patch points. You can also buy a single skiff with a few choice modules and a bit of extra room for future expansion. Without going nuts.
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