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Rhodes must have pedals/stomp boxes?


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I've always got effect pedals on my Rhodes. I have lots of pedals for my guitars and various ones go in and out of the keyboard rig from time to time or just for a day.


Standard for me are 2 pedals:

1. Output of Rhodes is into an overdrive, usually Boss SD-1.

2. Output of overdrive is into a Phaser, usually MXR Phase 90.

But I usually have 1 or 2 more.


3. Amp: I usually run my Rhodes though a Yamaha rotating speaker. If not, I use a Leslie pedal as a substitute.


Tremelo is useful, Boss TR-2.

I only occasionally use a Chorus. But I don't even own one right now.

TC Flashback is a great delay. You can also program it from its editor to do modulation type effects.

Sometimes I run through a Line6 Pod XT Live for all kinds of effects, especially if I want some reverb. I guess it could be used for Chorus if I want that.


One random day I took a picture:

Right to Left: Overdrive, Heavy Metal, Dimension C, Akai Phaser, MXR Phaser, Leslie speed switch, Sustain, Sustain for synth on top, and the dog's ball.


Mike Kent

- Chairman of MIDI 2.0 Working Group

- MIDI Association Executive Board

- Co-Author of USB Device Class Definition for MIDI Devices 1.0 and 2.0


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