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I can still read music !

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I have a major B'Day coming up in May.

I already bought myself a present- a vintage Alto Sax (Buescher Aristocrat- circa 1948).

I used to play in HS- but have not blown a horn since 1974-5.

Since then my guitar playing and other music making has been "by ear".


Since I need practice to get my tone/intonation/embrochure/ happening I picked up some books that contained practice routines.

I was totally stunned when my eye-brain-finger connections started kicking in right away.

After thirty years I was actually able to read and play (slowly at first) some moderately complex music.

Kinda like riding a bike I guess.

I never lost it - yet I was unaware the programming ws still in my mempory banks.


Very satisfying I must say. It felt great.


So how many of us forumites read?

Check out some tunes here:


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