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Musicplayer logon problem...

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When I first started posting here years ago I found I could log on on both my work and home computers, and post from either location; I never "logged off". Two months ago my computer at home (Mac with Mozilla) started saying "You are not logged on, please log on or register". I would click on "Log on", fill in my name/password, and it would say, "Thank you for logging on, we will now return you to the Musicplayer forums". When it returned me to the forums, again the message at the top said "You are not logged on, blabla". This weekend I really tried to get this fixed, turned cookies on, then off, tried re-registering, nothing worked. Anyone got a hint for me? If nothing else I'll just reregister at home as "Botch2" or something, but I'd like to keep it just one account if possible. Thanks in advance!


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I had a similar problem, that turned out to be due to my Internet Explorer settings. In Tools\Internet Options, I had to lower my "Privacy" tab from "high" to "Medium High." It's something about the cookies.
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