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Z4 vs handsonic vs TD8

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Could I have your regarded opinions on my situation: I'm looking for the ultimate performance-oriented drum sound module/midi controller setup (within $1300). I'm trying to decide between the Handsonic, an Akai Z4, and a roland TD8 brain . I am a hand percussionist, a “keyboard” percussionist/drummer, and I love to use sticks as well. We do hip-hop beats, techno, funk, acid jazz, dub, reggae, etc. We just bought a Repeater to multiply ourselves. And then I've fallen in love with the Handsonic because it has the best collection of dance sounds I've heard, and when I added a kick pedal I was totally sold. Unfortunately the acoustic kits are left wanting, and I got bummed out about the closed collection of sounds for a $1000?? I decided on the Akai Z4 sampler; i could make drumkits on the keyboard, and have room for keyboard sounds and sound effects (from his large CD library). Then use the Octapad, too. It would be nice to NOT have create all my drumkits on a sampler, so how "bout the roland TD8? Does any one know if TD8 kits are cool and would sound good controlled from a keyboard? Although I intend to use a midi kick pedal with the sampler/keyboard kit setup, i'm not 100% sure we can make the sampler/ keyboard setup sound as good as some of those dance kits on the Handsonic. What's the coolest live drumkits? Is it Handsonic??? Something overlooked?
thank you
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So far I've yet to be thrilled by the acoustic sets from most brains. But for the money, pretty much any Roland, Korg, Alesis, or Yamaha brain will do. In the right hands, they can sound wonderful. I watched a Roland Clinic back in 1999 with the original TD (That's the TD-8, right? I haven't followed drum machines and brain tech much the past few years.) and the clinician really made every set sound good. I guess it's more about the drummer than the sounds now.

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