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Sonic Core SCOPE app upgraded for old DSP cards & XITE-1/1D

Al Coda

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Their stuff is pricey but support is great.


For what´s included already in the basic package,- fx, dynamics, mixers, tools, synths & samplers,- it´s cheap compared to UAD Apollo biggest version and in UAD there are no VIs at all, just only fx.

You´re free buying 3rd party devices for SCOPE and yes, they can be pricey, but you don´t have to urgently.

3rd party is great too and ice on the cake.

The in SCOPE included devices are very good sounding.

And when running the application standalone and use the XITE´s internal hardware MIDI interface, latency is under 1ms and instruments play like hardware.

When using w/ ASIO it´s also very good but depends on your computer system, as always w/ DAW software.


I own both, a old Creamware Pro PCIcard as well as XITE-1.


I´m really surprised S|C is still supporting officially discontinued Creamware cards w/ the new SCOPE v7 and it´s also surprising it still supports WinXP SP3 32Bit, Win7 (32 & 64Bit) while upgrading for Win10 (32 & 64Bit).

A period of free updates being announced ´cause they now go thru all of the old devices (plugins) optimizing for Win10 and many are fine already.


I´m amazed the platform moves on because it sounds so good and is so flexible,- always was.



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