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Anybody else here doing the Lachy Doley online course ?


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I signed up for this a while ago, and it went live on Oct 31st. Wondering what others opinions are ? If your new to hammond playing, some good but basic info . Some decent licks and tricks but overall not a lot I didnt already know. I guess Im a better player than I think I am....

"Ive been playing Hammond since long before anybody paid me to play one, I didn't do it to be cool, I didnt do it to make a statement......I just liked it "


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Thanks for your feedback about the course. It looked very promising, but I admit that the $400 jump in price was a roadblock for me. I have signed up for the Artistworks George Whitty Jazz Course. I got a chance to get in on a monthly subscription rate as opppsed to the normal 3,6 or 12 month subscriptions. Good information with Artistworks, but I have had so little time to explore the material that I will probably cancel.



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