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Phil O'Keefe..... got a question for you

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Phil, just wondering if you mind if I use the studio picture from your web site to create a logo for Cannedbananas contest. It will be used under the title of The Project Studio.


If you'd like, I can send you an email as to where to see how I've used it in the logo. Just drop an email to me at anifa@musicbizbuzz.net to give me your email address.




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Sure Ani, go ahead. I'd like to ask for the right of "final approval" before you submit it though. Not that I think you'd do anything emabrrasing or devious with it, but just as a matter of policy - to be safe, if you know what I mean. :) Feel free to drop me an email - address is at the bottom of each post I make or in my profile.


Oh, and FWIW, I prefer emails over PM's. But make sure you say something like "Phil, it's Ani" in the message title or my spam filters may misroute it or I might think it's junk (I get a LOT of spam / junk mail) and accidentally delete it.


Good luck with the contest. :wave:

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Thanks Phil,


I'll post the image over on the official Logo thread. I also created one similar with Lee's band, but waiting for the okay from her on the 2nd logo. She was cool with the first, but I like to run everything by the person when posting personal pics in public places.


We have Neil (fantasticsound) to thank for some awesome pics taken at Lee's gig if they happen to get used in any way.


If this forum is like mine, I think that it might limit the LOGO to one image that is static from forum to forum to forum. In my forum, you can personalize the overall forum, but the individual forums are created from the main template bearing the one (single) logo.


If that's the case, it was still interesting playing with the design. Maybe you guys can find "SOME" kind of use for them.

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