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Saw John Ginty Saturday Night...

Joe P

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...at the Sourlands Music Festival. What a player! Aggressive, animated. A real rocker. I love his style. Played a B3 through an on-stage micd Leslie, and also his Vintage Vibe piano. Very entertaining guy to watch. Great 4 piece band, 20-something girl on bass reminded me of Tal Wilkenfeld.


If his band comes buy check him out. I wasnt gonna go due to life getting in the way, but all day I was thinking about hearing that B3 scream out over a field of people and I was not disappointed!


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late to this post as I was on holiday. John Ginty is badass. I have his DVD from 2014, Bad News Travels. He has written for Keyboard Magazine. He also appears on Chris Carrol's (Vintage Vibe) CD's. Definitely a talent to check out.
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