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first walmart, next, college radio. tomarra? another walmart and more college radio

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OPh yeah i'm livin' the dream. whew bang wow.. thankin' about walmarts till I dream about 'em and those billions of city driving miles hawking my wares to college stations all aroun' and even more miles up and down stairs ( ow me knee!)and in and out of cars and vans and very little time actually performing.

very little for all the other stuff one does.

the more you're wanting to big it up takes way more time on the BIZ side of thangs and less on the playing side.

can you say IRONY?

by the time the gig rolls around I jus' wanna go home and sleep really and so the show suffers a bit.

getting goode help is killing me.

I need more ME TIME. ahahahaha!

i wondah would OZZYS WIFEY make time for me, do you suppose? you know, to free up my shedyoole and all. wot,wot!


OW! ahahaha!

my um, KEEPER wishes to know iff you all know the words to any of my tunes? ahahahaha!

you DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER ahahahaha!

don't feel bad, I know none of your words either ! HEE-HAWW!

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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