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What's happening at RO?

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I thought I was posting this here on Craigs, but I didn't realize I was on George's board, so you will find this there also.


IMHO there was nothing wrong with the forum website, only with a couple of peeps there perhaps.


But I can't follow what's happening there, my username has changed, my PM box is empty, I got an email about a PM some guy has sent me, but it's nowhere to find.


Yesterday the color of the forum page was blueish, today it's kind of brown with yellow characters.


And it's in a language I don't know, something like this: Tani kemi, 62 Vizitues(ë) dhe 34 Anëtar(ë) në sit.


Përshëndetje sign.

Ke 0 mesazh


When I select another forum, I get the same every time. W E I R D ! :confused::confused:

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