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Kore 64/Mainstage


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Hi everyone - my question is that I would love to be able to sample some of the Kurzweil's Kore64 guitar sounds as I find that they are some of the better ones I have and get them into mainstage as a sample. (say if there is a gig when I don't need to bring the pc3k8, just a controller and mainstage) Now, I'm going way back, but it used to be when I had a K2000 sampler, you had to basically sample things, set the loop point, and re-do that every few keys so you had a decent sounding whatever you sampled. Am I able to grab say the strat sample off of kore64, and get it into mainstage and still have it decent sounding? Or, am I mis-understanding the sample feature in ESX24 in mainstage? Thanx for any assistance. Oh, I do have Omnisphere and they do have some great guitar sounds as well, but I have found that some of Kore64's fit a niche the ones in Omnisphere don't. (yes, I am a keyboard dude covering guitar parts sometimes, especially when I am scheduled at Church with only one guitar player) Thanx again.
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