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Kawai ES8


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Just thought that it may interest some senior members for me to express my personal views on the ES series.

Firstly one has to accept that the makers make an instrument to cater for all where possible, and the buyer chooses an instrument that comes as near to his/her requirements, so to get about a 90% pass would I believe have to be considered pretty good overall.

Having owned amongst many other instruments a ES4,ES7 (still have) and an ES8..the latest acquisition I would like to pass on some pros and cons strictly for my personal needs-

Was not looking for an arranger keyboard as I have a Tyros, but needing a portable stand alone acoustic digital piano 88 note the ES series has always been my pick. Have a very good acoustic piano sound, good touch, although the ES8 appears heavier more like the ES4 and not particularly the best for seniors. The Speaker system does seem to be an improvement on the ES8.

I believe most users that are perhaps not in the 30-40 year old bracket or computer geeks, will not appreciate the multifunction programming, on one hand very few buttons, on the other one needs a very good memory. Whilst on the seniors bit, the ES8 manual has been shrunk down something like 30% with the text size matching, so a magnifying glass is a must.

Given that in my case, and I am sure there will be many others like me, I perform generally solo so a stand alone microphone input with volume control would be wonderful, also a MUST MUST MUST a one handed transpose function, most difficult to up or down a pitch to follow a singer from the verse to the refrain etc ( both the functions have been standard on arranger keyboards for quite some time)When there are many songs to be sung consecutively, then saving transpose settings isn't really an option and lastly a more simplified function to record ones playing direct to a USB,

Last of all have to say the ES in unequalled as an 88 note acoustic digital piano...perhaps one day there may be an ES something that does not have all the other voices and no rhythms, just a straight piano.....

If you are looking for the best portable acoustic stand alone 88 note piano then this is it,,,,go buy one, you won't regret it!

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I have a Roland 'slab' - FP50 - that I've been happy with for awhile. But if I was in the market again, I would definitely give an ES8, or ES110 strong consideration. My home upright is a Kawai, and my church gig piano is a KG-3 grand. Am very impressed with Kawai overall.

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