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OT: Church Chimes


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My Church is undergoing some remodeling to the altar that caused the moving of our chimes. These are electronic chimes made by Beach and date to the early 1950s. When moving the chimes, we noticed that the electric cord connecting the chimes to the mini keyboard (hey they beat Korg!) is very brittle and probably needs replaced.


Any ideas on where we can get a replacement. Beach is long out of business. Thanks!

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Given the age of the tech, anyone with rudimentary soldering and electricity skills should be able to replace the wire.


Stuff of that vintage is in cases that are screwed together and should be easy to open.

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Replace the (most likely) two wire cord with a proper three wire cord with ground), assuming that this cord is AC power only.


I have worked on church Chime systems of the period, but never a Beach. The connecting cable may have more than two wires, it may both supply power and the connections for key switching.


Belden likely makes cable with however many wires needed. Mouser may be a good source. I'm not sure how short a length will be sold, might have to buy more than needed.


Anyhow, most electronic techs over the age of 60 should have the needed tools and knowledge of how to solder.

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