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Derek Paravicini


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I haven't thought of this bloke since I saw a piece they did on him on 60 Minutes years ago,


"Paravicini was born extremely prematurely, at 25 weeks.[1] His blindness was caused by oxygen therapy given during his time in a neonatal intensive care unit. This also affected his developing brain, resulting in his severe learning disability.[2] He also has symptoms of autism.


He has absolute pitch and can play a piece of music after hearing it once. He began playing the piano by the age of two when his nanny gave him an old keyboard. His parents arranged for him to attend the Linden Lodge School for the Blind in London. On his introductory visit to the school, in the music room he broke free from his parents, then headed straight for a piano being played, and then pushed the player, Adam Ockelford, aside to take over. Ockelford encouraged him and arranged first weekly and then daily lessons.[3][4] Aged seven, Paravicini gave his first concert in Tooting Leisure Centre in South London.......





Glad to see he's stuck with it, seemingly healthy and happy, having a bit of a career and he's gotten quite good! Requests are his speciality since his brain really is like a f*ng computer printing melodies and harmonies out on the piano keyboard as he remembers them. And his technique is looking quite slick as well!



Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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