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N.I. Una Corda + KONTAKT 5 PLAYER Questions


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I do not own any Native Instruments products but I love the sound of the Una Corda which is on sale for $74.50.

I have Pianoteq which I use as a free standing program. If I decide to record anything I will likely use my Tascam DP-03.

If I buy the Una Corda it looks like I would use the free Kontakt 5 Player.

According to this webpage:

Kontakt 5 - Kontakt 5 Player Comparison Chart

There are limitations on editing with the free Kontakt 5 Player.

While I can understand the limitations on demo sounds I would hope that there would be NO limitations on a product I buy from N.I.

Anybody got any insight on this? Any opinions on Una Corda?




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Download the free Kontakt Player. NI will also send you a link for some free sounds most likely (they used to for sure). Then see how much you can edit. If you register with NI you can ask them directly about Una Corda. Sale goes until December 5th so you have plenty time. I have no opinion on Una Corda, and also own Pianoteq.
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afaik, only non-kontakt libs are affected by the "trial" version.


as for an opinion on the una corda, I do have it. in fact, I was going to use it in a song with another artist but that fell through. the una corda is a cool piano, but imo not suited for general use. it's great in the background and you can get some really cool voices from the library. it's very modular too, lots of knobs and whatnot (albeit many of them for things like bench squeaks). you really won't be able to get a proper grand or upright sound from it, but there are many other libraries that can do that for you

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